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About Us

When Dr. Kevin Storm graduated with his Doctor of Chiropractic, he and his wife, Marie, had to decide where to put down roots. Though the world was open to them, they wanted to start their clinic from the ground up. That meant getting support from their family and friends in the area they grew up in. They both loved their childhood in Indiana and returned to their home state to raise their family as a part of our community.

Today, Storm Chiropractic Clinic has two locations and five doctors on staff. With offices in Greenwood and Franklin, you can schedule with any of our practitioners at the facility that is most convenient for you.

Why You Should Turn to Chiropractic First

As a nation, just 16% of people utilize chiropractic care. Our goal is to make it 80%. Chiropractic is the answer to the current healthcare crisis. If it was the first choice instead of a last resort, people could save thousands of dollars, find lasting relief and prevent future problems from occurring. Over our entire nation, the savings would be in the millions or even billions.

Our Focus Is Wellness

If you’re in pain, our highest priority is to make sure your discomfort is alleviated. Our vision for your health, however, goes far beyond pain. We want you to stay in a state of fantastic health and maintain your well-being. You and your entire family are capable of living that optimal life. We want to help you get there.

Every decision we make and every part of our process is built around you. We want what’s right for you and what’s convenient for you and your family. We’ll always keep your best interest in mind.

We Love Hearing Your Success Stories

We know that when you first come in, you might be in pain and are not the best version of yourself. There’s no better feeling than seeing a transformation in your personality as you start to live without your discomfort limiting you.

When you feel better, it can make a change in your life. People with debilitating migraines, constant back pain or a limited range of motion in their neck have been thrilled to find their solution with us. Seeing their success is what fuels us and keeps us excited to come to work every day!

Giving Back to the Community

We are passionate about giving back to our local community. You might see us at a number of area events, where we have new patient specials available. These discounted costs are donated to a charity such as Loved One, Johnson County Food Pantry or the YMCA. We’re constantly focusing on how we can contribute more to the area that has given us so much. Contact one of our chiropractic offices today to discover when we’ll hold our next event!

About Storm Chiropractic Clinic in Greenwood & Franklin