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Pregnancy Chiropractic at Storm Chiropractic Clinic

Baby booties on mom's bellyIf you haven’t been to a chiropractor before, you might be unfamiliar with why it can benefit your pregnancy. During this miraculous time in your life, you might run into aches, pains and worries about your impending birthing experience. We want to make sure that you feel empowered to enjoy your pregnancy and look forward to your baby’s arrival.

Why Chiropractic During Pregnancy?

Chiropractic is a safe form of health care that doesn’t involve side effects. When you’re expecting, you can’t take most medications and might not know where to turn. We offer you an alternative that can help you be comfortable and have a more natural birth.

So many women have called chiropractic a lifesaver in helping them get through their pregnancy. As your body changes, so do your center of gravity and balance. This shift can result in many types of pain, such as low back pain, sciatica and headaches.

Studies show that women under chiropractic care have birthing times and pain levels during labor decreased by an astounding 33%. Furthermore, we’ll make sure that your low back and hips are in alignment, which will help ensure that labor goes smoothly.

Two of our chiropractors are certified in the Webster Technique. With this technique, we may be able to allow your baby the space they require to get into the proper position for birth. Many babies are in a breech position because they aren’t able to move around as they should in the womb. We may be able to help you avoid a cesarean section and other forms of birthing interventions.

Our new patient process for an expecting mom is the same as it is for any other patient. Naturally, we won’t take X-rays on you, but you’ll still have a full evaluation. In doing so, we can determine the source of your problems and how best to help you.

When it’s time for your first adjustment, we provide a pregnancy pillow so that you can lie comfortably on your stomach. A drop piece built into the adjusting table helps to keep your adjustment smooth and easy on you.

Be Active and Happy

Throughout your pregnancy, we can help with aches, pains and making sure you’re in the best possible shape for your birth. When you’re pain-free, you can move around and do the things you want. Your happiness will have nothing but a positive impact on your developing little one. Contact Storm Chiropractic Clinic today to schedule an appointment for pregnancy chiropractic Greenwood!

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