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Pediatric Chiropractic at Storm Chiropractic Clinic

Though babies are small, they, too, have spines. Starting from birth, when an infant’s body is tugged and twisted, it can cause spinal misalignments. These spinal misalignments increase as your child learns to crawl, walk and run. Common issues that crop up are often written off by the medical community as something that will clear up eventually.

At Storm Chiropractic Clinic, we want to give parents better answers. We’ve provided solutions for many babies and children. We can get them started on the right foot in life, building a strong foundation that will impact their entire future.

Our mission is for 80% of our community to be under care, including children.

Parents say that chiropractic can transform their child’s attitude—in fact, they like to joke that the adjustment is an “attitude adjustment!” They also notice that the child can focus well in school, sleep better and more. Infants don’t have nursing problems, constipation, colic or reflux. Toddlers who have had ear infections have them cleared up after getting under care. We love how quickly babies and children respond to chiropractic!

A pediatric visit is about the same as that of an adult, though we’ll be sure to involve your child and make the process fun for them. They’ll watch a fun cartoon version of our first visit video, which will explain what we do at a level appropriate for them.

Though some children are nervous before their first adjustment, they end up loving it and looking forward to their subsequent visits.

An adjustment on a baby or child doesn’t use the same force for an adult’s adjustment. We may use the Activator® instrument or just a light pressure of the fingertips. Since their bodies are more flexible, not much force is required.

We have absolutely loved our experience! My son’s mood completely changes after his appointments and he even giggles during the adjustment! The only baby I have ever heard of to giggle and coo with a Chiropractor. He loves Dr. Jennings! Deacon Y.

Every Child Needs Chiropractic

We’ve seen numerous babies whose exhausted parents have brought them in complaining of colic. After getting adjusted, the baby can sleep—and so can the rest of the family!

Teens, too, can benefit from care. One high school athlete who had been injured during football was unable to attend school due to an inability to focus. The medical doctor said there was nothing to be done except to wait. After starting care, he got back in school, was able to focus and no longer suffered from headaches.

You don’t have to wait to start your kids on a healthier path. Contact Storm Chiropractic Clinic now to schedule a time for pediatric chiropractic Greenwood!


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