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Are You Snoozing in the Best Sleep Position?

Woman sleeping on sideSide sleeping is recommended as well as back sleeping. If you’re a side sleeper, you should switch sides-sleep on one side one night and the other side the next night. Though this can be challenging to get used to, it’s important to balance things out as we’re sleeping. You should roll your shoulder out so you’re more on the blade. Stack up the hips and the shoulder should be intersecting the hips.

The Importance of Pillow Support

In Dr. Storm’s video, he demonstrates how the knees come a little in front of the hips to maintain nice curvature in the low back. He recommends keeping a small pillow between your elbow and ribcage as well as a pillow between the knees. Choose a thin and soft pillow to be able to support your knees and elbow more.

Keep your head in a neutral position. One thing a lot of side sleepers do is sleep in a flex position so it’s important to keep eyes straight ahead. If you find that you roll when you sleep you can wedge a pillow underneath your hips or in the back of your hips, so it doesn’t cause you to rotate so much while you’re sleeping. Upon waking from this position your top hand should go onto the mattress. Push up as you move your legs down and your upper torso up.

Remember to Get Adjusted to Help Enhance Your Sleep

Getting adjusted also can help to improve your sleep. Call today to book an appointment!

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