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Get Natural Help for Occipital Neuralgia

woman sitting at a computer holding her neck and head in painWe received a question on our Facebook page about what exercises we can do to relieve occipital neuralgia pain. This deals with pain or nerve pain at the base of the skull–the occiput. Neuralgia deals with pain in the nerves that are getting entrapped underneath the muscles in the skull and the neck.

The Importance of Getting a Proper Diagnosis

The first thing to remember is you should make sure your healthcare professional is appropriately diagnosing you before you start any type of treatment regimen. We commonly see occipital neuralgia due to muscular imbalance and tension. It also can occur with joint compression or misalignments or subluxations. There also could be more significant things going on so you need to get properly diagnosed by your healthcare professional.

Work-Related Injuries

At our clinic, we see a great increase in the number of neck and upper back-related injuries due to these improper positions at work. As we’re transitioning from a workplace environment to working from home, back spinal problems can arise due to workstations that don’t properly support the spine. In this recent video, Dr. Storm goes over a shoulder retraction exercise and he demonstrates a neck retraction exercise.

If you’re experiencing occipital neuralgia, we can provide natural chiropractic care to help you get out of pain and on the path toward healing. Contact our office today.

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