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Get Natural Relief for Low Back Pain

Woman in gray shirt holding lower backDid you know that 90% of the population will experience some bout of low back pain before they turn 50? Many with back pain rely on Biofreeze or some other type of topical analgesic, or they may turn to OTC meds such as ibuprofen or acetaminophen.

The Problem With the Bandage Approach

We know that those “fixes” are just bandage solutions. They don’t even do that great a job of masking the pain, particularly for the long term. The other problem with OTC meds is they have many associated side effects that are related to your GI system as well as your liver and your kidney.

One of the reasons Dr. Storm got into chiropractic care was because he was relying on those OTC substances to be able to get over his musculoskeletal complaints.

How Chiropractic Can Help

Not only can we get you out of pain but stabilize you to prevent future occurrences. We do that through the adjustment, which helps your alignment-to make sure that your structure is aligned properly and your muscles are engaged as they should be. The chiropractic adjustment also allows the nerves to communicate where they need to go.

With our natural care, you can get the relief you need, naturally. Watch Dr. Storm’s video for more information!

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