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Get Natural Relief From Painful Frozen Shoulder

Radiating shoulder painWe’re pleased to be starting a new Q&A series! You can submit your questions on what you are experiencing or your loved ones and how chiropractic can play a role in that. The first question we got was how to deal with frozen shoulder.

What Is It?

Frozen shoulder is where you are losing mobility inside the shoulder joint. It can be the result of a previous injury or trauma. Those with diabetes are a slightly more susceptible to frozen shoulder. There are three phases of frozen shoulder: a freezing period, a frozen period and a thawing period. The higher up we go on that peak, the less mobility we have and the more pain we generally have through that as well. Research and clinical studies have shown us that these conditions can last up to two years, if not longer.

Our Approach

We’ve been able to see that time reduce significantly through chiropractic care, at-home exercises and acupuncture. With chiropractic care, those nerves that are feeding the shoulder are coming from the neck and upper back. Making sure we have proper alignment is essential to ensure we are getting proper communication to that shoulder joint. At-home exercises can improve flexibility and mobility. Acupuncture stimulates and works synergistically with the adjustment to improve blood flow, decrease muscle tension and improve overall nerve communication. For more information, check out Dr. Storm’s video.

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