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What's the Best Position at Your Desk?

woman with back pain in home officeBecause of COVID-19, more people than ever have been working from home. Whether they’re couch slouching or sitting in a closet hunched over their laptop, the spine can suffer.

Find a Flat Surface

Your computer needs to be on a flat surface such as a kitchen table or desk, not on a couch or floor. Your eye level needs to be directly at the top of the screen. It’s okay to have a 10-degree difference above or below that level.

When it comes to your seated position, your shoulder position is number one. You need to make sure your shoulder position is back and down. Make sure the tips of your shoulders are on the walls on either side of you to ensure you’re nice and stabilized through your spine.

Also, be mindful of your ankle position. They should be behind your knees as you’re still keeping that shoulder position back. The goal is to keep that nice curvature through your low back as well.

Take Micro-Breaks

It’s also important to take micro-breaks every hour to two hours. You can get up and walk around the house for a few minutes or take your dog for a walk.

In his video, Dr. Storm also demonstrates a few simple stretches to focus on. He shows how to perform ones that start at the head and work down. You’ll see how to perform a neck retraction, a wrist extension and flexion exercise. Dr. Storm also demonstrates the following types of stretches: shoulder, tricep, knee, ankle and toe.

Taking breaks helps with the flexibility of your head all the way down to your lower extremities.

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