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Where Is Your Shoulder Pain Coming From?

Young adult holding shoulder in painWe see lots of shoulder conditions at our clinic. Our job is to help you determine is it something coming from the joint, the muscles, the ligaments or even the capsule inside. We will run you through an exam and some testing here to help further diagnose where that’s coming from and the steps we need to take to help treat that.

It’s essential that we also treat the neck and the upper back. A lot of things stem from posture or even nerve tension coming from the neck. We want to make sure we allow for better alignment in those areas and ensure the shoulders are moving more effectively.

At-Home Exercises

In his recent video, Dr. Storm demonstrates some exercises you can do at home. If you have any sharp pain or tingly sensation in the fingers, stop. Consult with your healthcare provider before doing them.

You also should use a mat so you’re not putting so much stress on your knees. All of the exercises are done in a kneeling position. The first one focuses on rotation. The other one puts shoulder blades together and then apart.

Chiropractic can be beneficial to ensure you have adequate mobility through the shoulders. Contact us today to book an appointment. We want to help you.

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